Everyone Fits In!

Sophomore year projects


Project statement

The player is presented with various rooms in a typical school that have a certain amount of space to hold the students. The player must take the variously-shaped student pieces given to them and try to fit them all onto the board so that the class perfectly fills the space. Pieces can be clicked and dragged onto the board, as well as rotated. The rooms of the school will be different shapes, and certain rooms may have more elements to them than just the students, such as basketball carts in the gymnasium, that must be used in order to fill the space perfectly. Once the puzzle is completed, all of the lines defining the students’ shapes will fade away. Our target market for this game is two fold. First are kids ages 6-9 who are still learning social skills and becoming aware of human dynamics. This game is trying to provide a fun but educational experience to help young children understand autism, how it affects kids who have it and how they need to act in order to help affected kids feel welcomed and comfortable. The second part of our target is market is teachers who would use this game as a teaching tool in their classes. The art style of “Everybody Fits In” is very colorful as it is unique. It’s target audience is aimed at younger kids enrolled in school roughly from 1st – 3rd grade. “Everybody Fits In” has a mission to deliver a game that not only educates young students, but also contains a very fun and kid-friendly style. Through the use of colorful Vector shapes, characters, and environments, “Everybody Fits In” will without a doubt achieve the goals in the game we aim to create!

Game Demo

Project and team information

This game was made over a 4 week period with a team of 6 people. This was a midterm project for my production 1 class.

Alex Hubble: Programmer, Andrew Rimpici: Programmer, Makayla Montes: Artist, Max Laudenslager: Artist, Dakota Williams: Designer, Tim Carbone: Designer, Max Blake: Producer

  • Producer – Max Blake
  • Programmer – Alex Hubble|Andrew Rimpici
  • Designer –  Dakota WilliamsTim Carbone
  • Artist – Makayla Montes | Max Laudenslager

Project specifications

  • Unity 2D
  • C#
  • Agile / Scrum
  • SVN repository

My role in the project

I was one of two programmers in the this project. Since there were only two of us we both did a bit of everything. However my focus was primarily on game play and architecture.



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