Specimen A.D.A.M

Sophomore year projects

Menu Screen

Project statement:

In this game you play as a captured alien detained in a secret facility. You start in a small containment cell and have to earn the trust of your captors to be able to go to other rooms of the facility. You have two forms you can switch through, an overly cute but weak and small form, and a terrifying, dangerous, large form. If you are seen by a human in your large form, the game ends. The end goal is to either, kill all humans in the facility or escape the facility. The purpose of this game is to provide an enjoyable, comedic (if somewhat morbid) video game experience. The art direction is inspired by old cartoons and video games our team grew up with in the late 90s/early 00s such as Invader Zim, Club Penguin and Neopets. Our target market is two-fold. As previously stated we want to release this game on PC and consoles. However, we also want to release a cabinet version of this game to be played in a barcade setting, which is more aimed at people age 21 and older. So our two target markets are people ages 12 to 21 for the home version and 21 to 30 for the barcade version.

Game Demo

The team behind Specimen A.D.A.M

This game was made over a 5 week time span with a team of 7 people. This was a final project for my production 2 class.

  • Producer – Max Blake
  • Programmer – Alex HubbleJoshua Mahler
  • Designer –  Jared CianoBradley Ellis
  • Artist – Makayla Montes | Alec Rubin

Project specifications

  • Unity 3D
  • C#
  • Agile / scrum
  • SVN Repository

My role in Specimen A.D.A.M

I was on a team of two programmers for this project. Since we were a team of two programmers we both did a little bit of everything. However my focus was mainly on making game play mechanics and making the environment intractable.


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