Gatling gun space game!

Junior year projects

Title screen

Project statement

Gatling gun space game is a game about two gatling gun turrets in space fighting each other! Each player controls their own turret, these turrets can rotate around their center axis and dash in a forward moment. Each player has a front facing shield that is disabled upon shooting, making them vulnerable to the other player. All of the bullets will bounce off of other walls, allowing for trick shots and general mayhem. Matches last until a player is hit three times, then the first player to win three matches wins the game!



Project and team information

This game is made for my advance seminar game over the course of three months. However I plan to continue making this game as a side project with the goal of eventually publishing the game on steam!

I am the only person making this game currently.

  • Programmer – Alex Hubble

Current pipeline 

While the final project for Gatling Gun Space Game is due November 6th 2018, I plan to continue production shipping hopefully in 2019.

Project specifications

  • Unity 2D
  • C#
  • GitHub repository

My role in the project

I am the only member of the team making this game. I’ve made all of the assets and designed the entire game.

GitHub link

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