Going forward past postmortem

Development Blogs

At this point, we had just completed our postmortems. Presentations were done and no one on the team knew if we were going to proceed with our game or be merged into another team. Several days past and we had all decided what teams we would want to work on in the situation that we would be cut. However, our game went through! We are continuing to work on Gaze of the abyss for the rest of the semester, and we would be getting several new team members to help us produce this game! We got 1 new programmer, 2 new designers, 1 new artist, and 1 new producer.

While this is all wonderful, there are several new challenges that comes with this, firstly communication between programming and design is a must. Keeping 6 people on the same page is huge for going forward. The next issue is going to be catching up the new programmer on the build. Thankfully we have enough comments and documentation that this should go smoothly!

While these will be issues we will have to look out for, there is a lot to look forward too! We can now scale up greatly! The game will improve a ton with the new minds working on the game!

I’m very excited about the future of the project, while there is challenges ahead I’m sure we can work through them!

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