Multiple control schemes, Part 1.

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Over the last few weeks there has been a constant issue plaguing the progression of this game, the Diver’s control scheme. The diver’s movement has either been bugged because of the physics systems (which is now currently fixed) or was just awkward to control. Going into this week we aimed to fix this issue through the wonders of QA testing, to be put simply we were going to try and test three different control setups against each other to see which one felt the best.

On a tech end this could of been tackled in a number of ways, three builds, testing through the editor, or through swapping at run time. The first two would of been the easiest to implement, however would of made testing clunky and slower than it needed to be. So I opted for the third option and started digging into swapping controls at run-time.


To do this I added two major additions to the code, firstly an enum to indicate what control scheme is currently being used, this would allow the code to act differently depending on the controls. Secondly I set up three different layouts within the rewired editor, though the API i could swap between these with keys being pressed. While this is simple digging into the rewired documentation to figure out exactly how to do this was a tricky task, however after my research I prevailed and came up with an answer. With all of this in place and a simple UI element to indicate which layout is in use and QA was ready to go!

Layout swapping.PNG

All of that being said there was also the three different controller layouts… Which I’ll get into in the next blog!


Thanks for reading!

-Alex Hubble

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