Game-fest RPI

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This week we had to set up our build for both our final build for the class, as well as for showing off at the RPI game-fest. This comes with several challenges, firstly while our build is in a good spot we made the decision to use the high definition pipeline from unity. Firstly this change made the build too intensive for my laptop to run, so I was confined to the computer labs to finish the build. While this was not a huge issue as I don’t mind working in the labs, it definitely made scheduling my work hours more difficult. Now I had to schedule around not being home to make food or take breaks, which made time more of a vital resource than it already was. Between this and jumping between other class work I had to make sure that everything was all set on time, which included getting a backup build set up Wednesday, and a fully lighting baked build done for Friday. This wasn’t too bad of a feat since the two other programmers were also there to help, unfortunately due to other classwork more of the work had to fall onto one of the other programmers for this, however as soon as I was caught up I spent as much time as I could helping him finish up and get the build sent out!

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