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So we are just about finished with this project, and while I’m very proud of the final result there were definitely some major hiccups along the way. The first major one I want to talk about was the scope of the project itself, said simply it was way to high. We decided that in 3 months we were going to have 5 levels in a seamless level, leading out design team to be spread super thinly. But not being in design this didn’t affect me as directly as it did them, what did however was the fact that we were unprepared for the pipeline issues that would inevitably come with this decision. What we finalized on was having different “work in progress” scenes for each level, then when things were ready or needed to be tested we would shove them all into the master level scene. This caused generally more issues than it was worth, with this we needed to have one programmer focusing on making sure the build wouldn’t collapse after the merge.

The second difficulty we ran into was with the art pipeline, none of us on the team had any experience with how Unity handled it’s 3D art pipeline which made learning it a task upon itself. The problem was, we didn’t fully understand what we were doing until after the project was nearly done, so the issues that were started near the beginning of the project were affecting us later into it as well.

All that being said, I feel like I’ve learned alot about how to set up pipelines and about developing in unity generally. There’s a lot that went bad, in the experience of it going bad I learned about the limitations of the engine, how to work around said limitations, as well as the strengths. This project being completed I feel like I have a new understanding of how Unity runs and how to properly develop for it.

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