Setting up for Champlain game-fest

Development Blogs

Next weekend we’re going to attending the Champlain Game Festival, there we will be showing off Gaze of the abyss to the public. To prep for this we have a couple of hurdles to pass, firstly we’ve been having issues with building our main scene when incorporating the menu screen into it. Secondly we need to make sure we have a build done 4 days beforehand in order to have a buffer time in case things go wrongly. We borrowed equipment from the school to use, printed out a banner, and printed out flyers to organize ourselves for the event.


So testing and building, for this event I put myself though some crunch in order to get everything up to par with what you would expect at a game festival. I spent the entire week doing various polish, fixing bugs, and testing the levels we were showing off over and over again to make sure everything  was polished and ready to go. While the week was tougher than it needed to be, it still got done and we are now fully prepared for game-fest!

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