Water Surface GLSL Shader

Junior year projects, Projects


Project statement

The goal of this project was to setup a rendering pipeline to simulate a water’s surface. This includes a reflection shader, refraction shader, Fresnel effect, dudv map to simulate distortion, a vertex shader to simulate waves, and an altered secular map to add believable lighting to the waves. This is accomplished though a three pass algorithm, one pass for reflection, one for refraction, and one for the composite.

For more information on the pipeline and logic behind this project, check out the UML diagram I made here (WaterShaderPipelineDiagram)

Project and team information

This program was made over the course of a month with two programs.

  • Programmer – Alex Hubble|Tomas Man

Project specifications

  • Mercurial Repository
  • C
  • GLSL
  • Animal3D graphics engine

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