Side Tracked!

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Project statement

Side Tracked is a Virtual Reality narrative game where you play as a train conductor helping souls reach a conclusion of their past life. You do this by manipulating the emotions of the passenger therefor altering the way they interpret these memories. Based on their development throughout the trip they will either end up in “The light” or “The abyss”, and it’s up to you to help them get there!


Project and team information

This game is being made over the course of the semester with hopes of being chosen to move onto the next semester

My role in the project

My major contribution for this project is the back-end systems. This includes the narrative integration, modular train track builder (this allows the train to move across the world and tells the game when to play events), and the train movement.

Project specifications

  • C#
  • Unity
  • Oculus Rift
  • Github Repository

Build download coming soon!

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